Circus Freak!

Wanna get freaky? Circus freaky that is…
Ya know how sometimes in SL, you stumble on things that are incredibly awesome just by pure dumb luck? Well, that happened to me today. I was following a link I saw on another blog, searching for this cool hair accessory the blogger was wearing, when I happened upon this awesome circus themed designers event going on @ the Le Cirque sim. OMG is it wonderful! Beautiful clown skins, gaudy carnival gowns, and freaky stylish hair, all over the place! Never before have I seen such a gathering of unique designers and designs! Needless to say, the second I bought some of the goodies I was itching to blog it. So here ya go…but FYI: this will be the first of several posts starring the fashions @ the Le Cirque event, because I didn’t want to overcrowd the post and wanted to give each look I found it’s own spotlight.

The first look I call The Circus Freak and is made up of the uber awesome, and detailed, Barlala hair and the incredibly creative Like a Rose dress; both from 3636 Couture.
3636 Couture circus freak 2
I LOOOOOVEEEEEEEE this hair! Its like nothing I’ve ever seen before;part lion’s mane, part bearded lady, its simply an amazing creation and will have you channeling your inner animal diva in no time! Can you say RAWR? It looks very beastlike when partnered with these cool Demonic Eyes, from ROI.
3636 Couture Circus Freak 1

This dress is also a very very interesting work of pixilated art. It manages to look like a copper colored rose and beastly fur pelts, at the same time. I lurve it!

So, if you’re itchin’ to look completely different from everyone else…(guaranteed! Grrr! Grrrr!) come on down to Le Cirque and indulge your inner freak!

Items found at Le Cirque event:
Barlala Hair (in umber) by 3636 Couture
Like a Rose Dress (in gold) by 3636 Couture

Other items worn:
Skin- Michelle (in tan) by LaVie
Demonic Eyes (in orange) by ROI (Located upstairs from Frosting Ink. everything in ROI is only 10L for the rest of this month!)


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