Fear of Sleeping

I was given a tip by BobE Schism about an art show by Miss Rose Borchovski yesterday. He urged me to go, saying it was definitely up this blog’s alley. I’m not quite sure what I expected…a small skybox with a few interesting pics on the wall perhaps? ( A lot of art shows in SL are like that) but, Miss Borchovski’s exhibit was anything but ordinary and sooooooooooooo not like most SL art shows! Her Exhibit blew my mind and had me grinning from ear to ear, in utter delight. This my friends, is what true art is all about; totally immersing the viewer in the vibe and story of the piece. Just simply making the onlookers forget about the world outside and lose themselves in the world the artist has created.

Rose Borchovski’s show Fear of Sleeping- The Tail of Susa Bubble is a jaw dropping intricate show; that tells the story of a girl named Susa Bubble who awakens from slumber to find she has somehow duplicated herself …and to Susa’s horror, the duplication goes on until many, many Susas are now crammed in her bedroom all of them crying out at once, “She’s to blame! She’s to blame!” and pointing at each other, in a whirl of mass duplication chaos. Its like the saying “You’re your own worse enemy” brought to life through SL art.

Rose Borchovski show 1

Rose Borchovski show 2

Rose Borchovski show 3

(The story given on a NC when you click the sign upon entering the exhibit)

This Is the Tail
Of Susa Bubble
Who went to bed single
And woke up double

Woke up as two
In her single bed.
Who are you? Who are you?’
She said, she said,

There was no holding on after that
Some were happy, others sad
They all came in the same tiny size
Had short little fingers
And blue round eyes

All of a sudden it stopped finally
And they ended up with thirty-three

(Rose Borchovski)

Rose Borchovski show 4

Rose Borchovski show 5
Also given in an NC upon arrival….

“We are proud to have an extraordinary artist at Il Giardino di Arte Libera form 7th to 28th february .

Sunday february 7th at 1.30 Pm (SL time) Rose Borchovski will open a new exhibit about her Susa’s tail, a dark tail she tells through different istallations in different sl places.

Rose is a a multi- media artist in rl “totally taken by the wonders of SL” (she said).
In her RL projects she mixes and crosses over the different medias, and her sl story of Susa Bubble will also be performed as a rl multimedia VJ-performance.

Under her hands Arte Libera’s garden becomes the naturally set for Susa’s nightmare, a place in which imagines, sounds, objects and nature move our deep soul.
(Simba Schumann)”

As Miss Schumann says in the NC, the exhbit involves your senses. So crank your speakers up, because the errie sounds that play as you walk through the show, really add something vital to the pieces, breathing them to a sort of nightmarish surreal life.

I also found a vid by Lono Allen done on the exhibit, that really tells Susa’s story using the sound bytes from the show, as well some interesting shots of the pieces.

Watch it: here

Rose Borchovski’s show is only going to be around till Feb 28th so go nao! You really, really don’t want to miss this! It truly is quite an experience and is perfect for lovers of surreal eerily whimsical art.

TP there ASAP!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Scilina on February 17, 2010 at 2:03 am

    /me skips off to see this amazing exhibit!


  2. Posted by BobE Schism on February 17, 2010 at 9:13 am

    Rose’s work knocks my socks off.



  3. Posted by Katje on February 17, 2010 at 4:45 pm

    An nice article about a fantastic art project….it’s true everyone should see it !
    Great pics you took there Rayray !


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