Hi peoples ^.^

Scilina and I created this blog for the purpose of celebrating the unique, artsy, and/or wacky avatar in SL. After playing second life for nearly a year I discovered, to my disappointment, that this virtual world can be just as shallow and cruel as the real world; where people are expected to look like nothing but perfect Barbie and Ken dolls and anything creative or unusual is insulted, made fun of, and dubbed as “ugly.” Yet, there are still tons and tons of avs out there that are perfectly content to just go along being themselves despite what narrow minded individuals may say and its for those sorts of awesome people that I created this blog. Unique and Fabulous in SL highlights all the wonderfully imaginative creations people have come up with throughout the grid, as well as giving a nod to the most unique and interesting avatars we come across. We cover everything from fashion, to objects, to stellar people, cause here at Unique and Fabulous we say to heck with the norm and YAY to expressing yourself!

-RayRay S.


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  1. Posted by Paulina Oceanlane on July 6, 2009 at 9:54 pm



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