Hanging Out to Dry

Yeah… long time no blog…well when ya have a new baby @ home plus just opening your own SL store (more on that soon) time gets pretty scarce. However, something recently inspired me to end the blog drought. I was browsin’ Flikr when I stumbled upon this really neat pic montage by a Flikr contact of mine, BobE Schism, with a link to one of the most unique and quirky little vids I have ever seen.
(Still Hanging Out to Dry by BobE Schism)

The vid is entitled Hanging Out to Dry and, surprisingly enough, is Mr. Schism’s first machinima ever! The vid is a kooky little representation of the ups and downs of a relationship between a guy and gal, and is done to the song Mischief of Cloud 6 by Pepe Deluxe. This is just one of those vids that will leave you with a smile on your face and having you push the reply button again and again. Its just so fun and brilliant in its quirky simplicity, and is just pure BobE.

(Hanging Out to Dry by BobE Schism)

Timed perfectly to the up beat, catchy, tune and packed with some stellar shots and angles…not to mention the clever use of some of SL’s basics, such as the drunk AO, (you’ll see what I mean when you watch it) Hanging Out to Dry is one of the best SL machinimas I have ever had the privlage of watching. Plus…I shall never get that song out of my head now! Gah! *shakes fist @ BobE*

Watch it here!

So I asked Mr. Schism a few questions about HOTD and here’s what he had to say:

Q: What inspired this vid? (even if you were just fucking around what went through your head while making it that caused the result)

A: I seem to always follow a similar path when creating anything in SL:

● Have daft Idea
● Attempt to implement said daft Idea
● Scratch head
● Wonder: “What happens if I press that button?”
● *Press button*
● “Shit! undo…undo…undo…”
● Live with consequences

For the actual storyline I tried to include the themes of balance, the push and the pull between two people..and the inevitable outcome. N’ stuff.
Q: What’s your favorite part of the vid?

A: The scene where Girl gets donked by the Black Thought, and the whole hanging off the edge section. Some bits came out better than I hoped. Others didn’t quite match the daft Idea I originally had. But I like having limits and discovering how to overcome them.

Q:. What was the hardest part to make?

A: Umm..I wanted some specific animations, so had to quickly learn Qavimator. So one of the anims was about 6 hours work (that would have taken a proper animator about 2 minutes) for a shot that lasted less than a second. Qavimator doesn’t seem to have an undo button. FML 😦
One of the reasons there isn’t much in the way of scenery is that we shot it on my friend Katje’s parcel with next to no available prims. To shoot the bunch of dropping 6s at the end, she had to delete half the furniture in her house to free up prims. Thank you Katje 🙂
The dropping 6s took quite a few attempts. Tidying the fucking things up afterwards was pretty hard. I’m still getting random 6s returned from neighboring sims 2 weeks after the event. heh.

Q: How long did it take you to make this?

A: Including learning how to use the editing software and qavimator, filming, editing, fiddling and prodding and messing?…about a week.

(May I add)
“How much did it cost?”
Only possibly the goodwill of Katje’s neighbors :-))

For more BobE Schism see his Flikr.

That’s all for now…happy vid watching and try not to get the song too stuck in your head! *waltzes off humming it*


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    ThankyouThankyou RayRay



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