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YIPS by Four Yip

As some of you may know I am an art history major, and I totally and completely adore things that are strange and unusual.  Which is a major reason why I love art and SL.  One of my favorite designers in SL is Four Yips.  She continues to amaze me with each new build/outfit and even more so with her work on Flickr.  Here are several of my favorite outfits though my photography probably doesn’t do them justice.


Four Yips – Therapist


Four Yips – Wall Flower Cat


Four Yips – Waldemar Twin Portrait


Four Yips – Lune-acy

You can also see more of her amazing work on her flickr page (here) and don’t forget most of her stuff is free, another amazing aspect of Four Yip.  You can visit any one of her stores or visit Gnubie there is a smaller selection there but still worth a visit if you don’t wanna head to one of the other shops.  My favorite one is in a windmill here @ Verdigris Vintage Village.  Many of the outfits come with a notecard with a story or descriptions for the outfit, which is something semi unique these days.  Maybe I’m weird but I like to know what people are thinking when they create stuff in SL.  Some people just copy popular fashion, but knowing that unique and fabulous designers like Four Yip are still out there makes the stranger SL folks continue our search for the Unique and Fabulous in SL.  So yay for Four Yip for filling SL with her artistic creations.


Alien Glamour

Alien Glamour

Hi! I’m Mar.  I love to blog (probably more than I should).  I’m an art student and a designer, but mainly a super geek.  Along with Ray Ray and Scil I’m tired of people calling strange, unusual, unique, or grungy gorey av’s stupid, ugly, or gross.  So I present you with Alien Glamour.  Everyone who said Alien’s can’t possibly be fashionable are clearly wrong.  I’m lovely, green, and glamorous!

My skin and Hair are both from The Stringer Mausoleum.  Helena Stringer makes amazing and unique hairstyle that go perfect with just about any av you can think up.  I wear her hairs whenever I’m an alien or a mermaid, but also with ball gowns or jeans and a tee shirt.  Her designers are versatile, fun, and sometimes crazy.  The Stringer Mausoleum mainstore is here, but you can also visit any of Helena’s satellite stores.

This absolutely fabulouso dress is brand new from This is a Fawn.  OMGWTFBBQ is getting ready to open her first mainstore.  She has a bunch of little boutiques but it was time for a glorious main location.  When her mainstore opens you will be able to buy this dress in all of its glory and wear it with whatever you choose.  I love the whimsical qualities of the skirt mixed with the luscious texture that really make it just so much more lovely.  And look how nicely the grey compliments my green skin.  If you want to visit This is a Fawn before the mainstore opens you can go here or here.

My cute little rose, peacock, pearl hair accessory is from *FUEL*.  It is a perfect accessory for any outfit.  I usually wear it with my rockabilly look, but it goes really well with this glamourous alien outfit too. Sandy Cleghorn did a great job at making the hair flower a bit more unusual by adding a feather and pearl strand. It is an elegant and classy way to add a little glamour to your most recent deviant design.  Sandy’s shop is here.

So for every fashionista afraid of being unique, step out of your shells and be creative! You can mix and match any type of style to make your own version of fashion and glamour.  Alien avatars don’t have to be techy or ready to invade a galaxy, who knows they may be a club right beside you getting their groove on in something absolutely fabulous!