Accessorize your holiday!

I have always been a lover of odd and different looking jewelry in RL, as well as SL, and SL gives me the opportunity to find all sorts of interesting pieces that aren’t possible IRL, or just haven’t been thought up outside the virtual world. Being that it’s the Holiday season, here are a few totally festive pieces I discovered yesterday, when popping around the grid looking for fun Christmas stuffs.

First, there are these AWESOME x-mas facial piercings from The Plastik that are so dainty and rich in detail! All those tiny prims…and soooooo well done! Its like Deck The Halls for yer face ^.^ They also look absolutely perfect on the Elfa avi I blogged yesterday, that is currently free @ Delicatessen.
Plastik piercings and Love Soul hair
*Piercings- The Plastik Starry Eyed Surprise Xmas Style 50L
*Hair- Love Soul Christmas Hair*009 (in black) 100L per color 380L for the fat pack
*Avatar- Delicatessen complete free Efla avatar

Then we have these almost rockeresque rings that are a POE gift from U&R Dogs, that go across all of your fingers, to give ya some flashy holiday frosting. LOOOOOOOOOVE these to death! I would so wear em’ IRL! Don’t they look just gorgy on my giant elfish hands? Well…you know what they say about big hands…oh wait, that’s for dudes! I don’t have a peen, I swears! However, I did get a big plastic strap-on one as a group gift from Catnip last year…Okay…NM….:p
U&R Dogs Poe hunt gift
*Rings- U&R Dogs Novellette Ring Jingle (POE hunt gift)
*Dress- =Feather= Dolly Denim (in red) 250L

Okay, back on subject now… feast your peepers on these super SUPER kyoot lil reindeer earrings from Love Soul! I adore the fur texture on these. It makes them look all plush and fuzzeh ^.^ Love Soul has some absolutely stellar Christmas stuffs right now for a surprisingly low price, so you can get in on the holiday spirit even if you’re on a budget. They also currently have some free Reindeer snugglies and a shoulder pet that look like the earrings pictured. Yay for free!
Plastik piercings and Love Soul Reindeer earrings
*Earrings- Love Soul Reindeer Peirce (in cream) 120L

Now go forth, shop, buy, and bring in that holiday retail cheer ^.^


Elf Play

OMG! Could it be? A new blog entry?! Finally???! Dying of shock yet? LOL
Not that I’m such an egomaniac that I think my readers (if I even have any) have been on pins and needles waiting for me to update, but in case you have been wondering what gives on the long time no bloggin’ front; I’ve had a ton of stuff going on IRL such as new homes, new babies, and a bunch of holiday mayhem. So now I’m back, well as much as I can be with a new lil one demanding my attention 24/7, but I will def be updating more than like once every two months :p

Okies…enough of the blah blah blah… on with what I have to show you…
If you’re a fellow Flikrite you may have seen the beautiful works of CapCat Ragu, a very talented SL photographer who never fails to makes her viewers “ooooooooooooh!” and “aaaaaaah!” over her lovely pictures. Well, apparently she can do more than just snap a pretty pic…she’s totally gifted in the avi makin’ department as well…
I Lurves the Elfa avi!

Introducing Elfa! A utterly adorable complete she-elf holiday avatar CapCat is now offering at her studio SIM, Delicatessen.
Oh…and guess what? It’s FREE!!!! That’s right, you too can frolic around as this cheeky lil elf chick for absolutely zero Lindens! Heck, I would have gladly paid a pretty penny for this avi, considering the high quality and the fact that it comes with the outfit, hair, hat, scarf, shape, and skin.
(snowflake earrings and red ankle boots not included, sorries)
So yay for cute freeness and happy Holidays to ya all ^.^

TP to Delicatessen ASAP for your own Elfa!
(located inside the ice cave on the frozen pond)

Also, don’t forget to join the Delicatessen group in-world for some free Elfa poses CapCat says she will soon be putting out, which can be seen in her Flikr stream: here

*Pose used in my pic- Fae Frolic by Olive Juice

Why be normal?

A little while back I was sent a gift from Naxos Loon of a wonderful bunny that I instantly fell in love with. It was from the Naho’s Funny Shop =kuri*gohan= located at secondlife://Kaneohe/142/203/22.

This store has so many unusual items, as you can see below that any avatar could use in their inventory. And with Halloween today you are sure to find something to use for a costume or prop. There is a lot of freebies there as well as other reasonably priced items that are hilarious!
Naho' Funny Shop

The first item is my favorite and most popular. It is the bunny that can do various things with your avatar from dragging you by your hair to hanging you upside down. There is another version in which the bunny carries you in the captivity of a cage!


Hanging out

Next is the giant tack which can be used as a weapon too. (I had no one at the time to attack). Carry this above your head and poke some unsuspecting avatar!



Ever been banned from somewhere ?(not that I would have any experience with such a thing) hahahahahahaha! I wear this proudly.



There are also attachments that will certainly turn heads (or take them off) such as the ones here in which I am separated in the middle or the one in which I am carrying my head ; )





Are you planning on visiting any western themed sims soon? If so, I would recommend the “wanted” sign that you can attach to your avatar. You are sure to go unnoticed.



So go grab some fun items at Naho’s and you are sure to be the talk of the sim ; )

Have a very Unique and Fab Halloween!

Well, Halloween is just around the corner and for those of you who love the treat filled holiday as much as I do, you probably project that love onto your SL self. This is my second Halloween in SL and both times now I have noticed the second the calendar lands on the month of October its like…BAM! Halloween gear everywhere! Female avis especially seem to take great pleasure in donning a new Halloween look everyday as a sort of count down to the holiday. Yes, I am among those crazy Halloween obsessed chickies and that’s why I chose to do this entry on SL Halloween looks. I really wanted to show all of you how creative you can get with a little spook-tacular mixing and matching that’s why I’ll be showing you some of my fave Halloween finds I have come across myself, as well as other avatars around the grid. So Enjoy (at least I hope you will) :p

First we have KawiiNicole sporting a totally sexy devilish style. Don’t you just love those lashes with a passion?

Hair, horns, collar, and lashes all from Darkerside

Next is Paulina Oceanlane proving that even gross gooey zombies can be absolutely adorable 🙂

Hair, choker, and hanging eyeball from Catnip
Dress- Grim Bros
Skin- Nova (sorry couldn’t find an SLURL)

Then, if you want more of a casual Halloween look with out all the fuss, bother, and overload of primage, try this super cute look miss Real’ly put together for very little cost

Skin- Halloween skin 3 by *My UglyDorothy 50L gacha skin
Hair- KinHalloweenHair 1L by Kin

Speaking of cute Halloween goodies for very little cost…who likes freebies? I do! I do!!!!
You simply must head on down to and pick up this absolutely adorable bee costume from Dernier Cri for 0L!
We'll Pollinate your flower! :pIts so well done and detailed…and oh did I mention its FREE?!!!! Scil and I just couldn’t wait to go pollinate some flowers in these babies ^.^ Dernier Cri also offers a complete zombie outfit for 0L as well, which is also very rich and detail and so worth the TP to go pick up!

Bee Costumes (freebie) from Dernier Cri

I also just couldn’t resist showing off this dress I found off SLX by sheer random luck called Pumpkin Witch by *Luna‘s Boutique*. It comes with the dress, pumpkin head, witch hat, and stockings all just for a mere 176L! I am soooo in love with this silly thing! I can’t even tell you how much!
Pumpkin Witch

Found on SLX : Here

So happy Halloween to ya all! Have fun dressing up with the items you’ve seen above or something that’s entirely your own creation. Just enjoy the holiday that’s all about dreaming things up, putting them together, and making them a reality for a night, and don’t forget to delight in getting to unleash your own inner creative spark ~.^

October’s Goddess of Uniqueness!

If you love colorful and imaginative skins, you’ve undoubtedly heard of a little ladeh by the name of MiaSnow Myriam. If you haven’t, then we here at Unique and Fab are privileged to pop your Mia cherry. Don’t worry…we’ll be gentle… 😛

Mia is probably one of the most fantastic creators that I have ever come across in SL and that’s why she’s this month’s Goddess of Uniqueness. Her skins, clothing, and objects simply scream of her bright fun loving personality and her quirky artistic soul. If you are a total SL color hoar, like myself, then you too probably swoon over the bright splashes and shades in Mai’s work, be it a new skin release, a vid, or pic on her Flikr stream. Her stuff simply speaks to me in a way all other SL creators have come up just a tad short. Blending a sort of colorful/twisted fairytale like touch to everything she puts her skill to, she had me eating out of her pixilated palm from the day I stumbled into her shop, via a friend’s recommendation, back in my noob days.

Even though Mia is a bit of an SL Jill of all trades, she is most well known for her unbelievable skins that are like nothing else I have ever really seen. They come in all sort of colors, themes, and textures. Ranging from something woven of pure fantasy and imagination, to the fresh faced and realistic.
The fabulous skin wall @ MiaSnow's mainstore
(The skin wall @ Mia’s mainstore in Hwang)

In a Mia skin, you can make all your virtual dreams come true. You can be a cute little bunny girl, a purple skinned alien looking goddess, an odd but sexy Dalmatian puppy lady, a creepy but awesome clown, you name it! The sky isn’t even the limit, because Mia keeps cranking these fabulous pieces of pixel fleshwear out, and will hopefully never stop. Oh, have I mentioned her prices? Her prices are a total steal and a half for the heavenly pieces of loveliness she brings to our grid. Her skins range from about 500-800L which is totally affordable! Like I mentioned before, I was pointed in her direction as a noob and nowadays I do the same when questioned on where to get a good skin for a good price by a newbie. ~.^ Gotta keep SL tradition going ^.^
*Visit her main location in Hwang:

The lovely MiaSnow is also an extremely talented hair and clothing designer, the very same fun and unusual touch her skins bear, carrying over to these SL mediums as well. Here’s a little taste at what she has to offer in the way of loverly locks and way awesome threads:
MiaSnow skin, hair, and dress = Halloween win!
(me showing off a Mai skin, hair, and dress @ her shop in Hwang)
Skin: Immortal Dreamer #9 500L
Dress: Wide Open Heart 200L
Hair: Part of the Wild Woman 2 collection (comes in 5 different colors for only 250L)

As mentioned before, aside from her stellar creations, Mia is also a very gifted artist. I always enjoy browsing her Flikr steam, her images never failing to put a smile on my face:

October's Goddess of Uniqueness!
(This Isn’t You by MiaSnow Myriam)

(I can make you mine by MiaSnow Myriam)

(October Is Coming by MiaSnow Myriam)

You may be wondering now; aside from her fabulous work, who is MiaSnow? Well, I did a bit of asking and found out:

So, what does she get up to most in our virtual world on a regular basis?

“I mostly love making stuff 🙂 but I also love taking pictures for Flickr and browsing other people’s SL Flickr pics. I also enjoy trading with other designer friends, shopping, and checking out modern prefabs.”

Sounds like fun to me ^.^

It seems all people in SL have place to call their virtual home or just have a place where they love to visit to the point where they might as well call it home. Miss Myriam likes to keep hers private and secluded. Who doesn’t love a bit of SL peace and quiet sometimes?

“My favorite sim currently, is a beautiful coastal bluff that’s very private and unknown. I have a space there with no buildings… just a stretch of ocean with a cluster of rocks on the beach. and some beach chairs 🙂 there’s a nice flat section of soft mossy grass, and a lake. It’s all hidden by the bluffs.”

So, what does Mia enjoy most about being Mia?

“I enjoy feeling freely creative, and how there are few other expectations of me in SL, from myself or others.”

Ah…the freedom of cyber space… ^.^

When I asked our lovely Goddess how long she’s been in the SL pixilated universe she had this to say;

“By my calculations I’ve been logged in for about 306,000 minutes.”

Wow…ummm…that’s pretty exact! LOL

As you well may know, all creative types get their inspiration from some source, be it in reality or Second Life. Inspiration can come from anywhere; a childhood memory, a favorite color, a story shared with you by a friend…inspiration is all around us! So where does MiasSnow get hers?

“All kinds of things inspire me all the time. There’s no shortage, thank goodness^^! I feel happy when I see or find something I like, so I consistently scan the world and people for something I like. If nothing pops out right away, I will pinpoint something appealing – either on a visual level or a heart level. also, I look to the sky and nature. They never let me down for inspiration.”

Gotta love a gal who can take everyday ordinary things found in nature, etc, and turn them into bright color bursts of awesomeness…

Frolicking in MiaSnow's gardens @ Hwang
(Some of the amazing plant life you can purchase for your SL home @ MiaSnow’s mainstore in Hwang)

Don’t forget to check out Mia’s other store locations:

*Ice Water (a low Lag location exclusively for her new releases)

*Elliot (a little shop of all her carnival inspired items, a lot of which cannot be found in her mainstore)

So TY Mia, for enlightening us all on what makes you tick and sharing a bit of your fantastic uniqueness. Here at Unique and Fab we ❤ you long time ^.^ hehehehe

Be part of our Unique and Fabulous Halloween!

Unique and Fabulous in SL blog wants you!

Since Halloween is coming up (one of my all time fave holidays) I wanted to do a special entry for the blog involving our readers participation. So, take a pic of you wearing your all time favorite, and most unique, Halloween look in your inventory (along with a list of what pieces you’re wearing and where you got them) and send them to RayRay Shippe via Flikr mail or to Five pics will be selected, so depending on the response we get, not everyone sending a pic will get in, due to not wanting to make an uber long post.

*5 selected participants will receive free Halloween gifties made by Shawn of ROI exclusively for this. There will be prizes both for males and females, so don’t worry this is for both genders ^.^
The 5 selected participants will also get their picture featured in our special Halloween entry of unique and fabulous in SL.

What we’re looking for:
We want pictures featuring really unique and impressive Halloween looks. The more creative and out there you get, the more likely you are to get featured. So please, no naughty nurse costumes, or cute lil French maid outfits. They may be sexy but have zero originality. Think outside the box for this one!

*We are open to receiving pics from today, Oct 7th, to midnight of Oct 19th. After that we will no longer except entries. The piece will be up on Unique and Fabulous in SL, by oct 23-24th. Selected participants will receive their prizes right after the cut off date.

Thanks! We look forward to seeing what you come up with 🙂

Nom nom nom!

We’ve all seen em’ around the grid.. cute lil mouth accessories that you just can’t resist. The most common being some sort of food, like a piece of toast or lollipop. Now, food mouth items are adorable and a yummy touch to any ensemble… but what about your uncommon items? Ya know, what about things you wouldn’t expect someone to be carrying around in their mouth? Well, I’m gunna cover some of my favorites right now. So, if you love unusual accessories, this post is for you ^.^

Nowadays, the majority of people no longer listen to records, being as their now pretty much obsolete. Yet, in SL their still alive and kickin’! Heck, you can even eat them!
Bite My Record!
Sample this tasty little mini record from Needful Things. It even comes topped with a cherry and a scrumptious dollop of star shaped whipped cream. Delicious!

Rock N Rolla Bite My Record 160L– by Needful Things

After chowing down on that record, you may still yet have a yen for outdated ways of music entertainment. So, here is a yummy little mixed tape for you to feast on. Don’t feel guilty about eating it, its already broken, look, its all unraveled and coming undone. So munch on guilt free ^.^
Mix Tape
Mix Tape 50L– by Amplify

After all that plastic, maybe some fresh fruit would be nice? Mmmmm, how about a banana? Yeah, so a banana is a pretty common SL mouth accessory, but what about a mini one with an itsy bitsy lil monkey hangin’ off it?
Monchichi Yummy Toy
Silly little chimp just can’t seem to give up and let the banana go…mine damn it!!! Leggo my nana! 😛

Monchichi Yummy Toy 150L– by I love 13

In SL we can pretty much carry anything in our mouths…yeah, don’t go there ya dirty minded peoples! Shame on you! :p
Apparently, our pixilated mouths can even contain tiny little wabbits! Look, one invaded my mouth earlier today, and he even brought a ladder!
Tiniest Bunneh
You can get you own mini oral dwelling bunneh from Sanu. There are several different kinds in the random vendor. Just pay 25L and see which one ya get. Bunnies even come with an emoter, so you can choose the expression ya want in which to display your miniscule furry friend for all to see. Just pray it doesn’t need to go potty while carrying it about…I learned that lesson the hard way…. *shudders*

Tiniest Bunneh 25L (random vendor)- by Sanu

So, if you’re an advocate of safe sex, why not advertise it? How, you ask? Why not carry this lovely pink prophylactic around in your teeth?
Biiiiiiiiiiiiiig flavored condom :0
Its funny, guaranteed to make people around you do a double take, and can be useful for humpin’ emergencies. Its totally modifiable, so you can make it any size preference your little heart desires. I likes em’ biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig! Muhahahahaha!

[Clock Work] Flavored Condom 50L
Found on SLX: here

So, now ya know where to go, go scamper off and get some of this unusual but yummy gear, so you too can develop an oral fixation! ~.^