The Cat’s Meow

I admit, I’m a bit of a cat lover IRL. That’s why I fell head over heels in love with these two fantastic feline items I found from Grim bros and Illusions, that are just too creative and unique for words!

Slap on this awesome cat mask by Illusions, that comes with several different color change options, and you’ll be cravin’ a saucer of milk and a good scratch behind the ears in no time ^.^
While you’re at it why not stuff some fuzzeh mini kittehs on yer feet? Check out these new release ankle boots from Gim Bros. The texture is so plush and snuggleh lookin’ and the delicate sculpted prims are just so puuuuurrrrrrrfect! I lurve their little tails! ^.^

Mask- Illusions Cat Mask 250L
Boots- Grim Bros Kittie Kittie ankle boots 255L

So go chase a ball of yarn, have a nice nap by the fireplace, and go pick up these awesome items! Nao!


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